DTS light not coming on

I have an older Anthem AVM 2 processor and for some unknown reason the display does not confirm the DTS format when playing a DTS movie. Of course I set the DTS option on screen. I am using the coaxial out on the bluray.
Would there be any advantage is obtaining a cable to connect the optical out to the TOS connection?
Perhaps. Does menu have setting for DTS downmix? Verify that is set correct and menu within disc player may need inspection.
All menu settings seem correct. Trying to download software but having trouble coming up with a RS 232 cable to run from laptop to AVR.
I also have an AVM 2 but it is out of service now. You're probably asking it to decode the DTS-HD Master Audio format which didn't exist when the AVM 2 was on the market. Your preamp might not display what you want to see, but still decode the format properly.

Send an email to zmitchell@paradigm.com and provide him with the model number of your bluray. He's an Anthem tech guy and will answer you post haste.

AVM 2 fixed. My friend came over and checked all the settings on the Bluray and on the Anthem. It seemed that
DTS was working properly but the display was not showing DTS.
So as a last resort we unplugged the unit and waited 5 minutes. Plugged it back in and the display correctly showed the DTS code. Amazing but frustrating especially since the techs at Anthem did not suggest this simple option. Oh well.