Dual 616Q to VPI/Souther - What should I hear?

I had a Dual 616Q since the mid 80s,a nd not long ago bought a used HW19 with SOuther arm and old Talisman Virtuoso cartridge. I recent;y got a Clearaudio Maestro cart. I wanted to play quickly, so I mounted it on my Dual, since the SOuther is so finicky to set up. It sounds great on my Dual!!! Before I switch over to the VPI/Souther, I want to get a good listen to see what changes (I really don't want to switch back and forth a few times). What kinds of things should I hear improve? I do have some doubts, becasue the last time I tried a TT upgrade with the same cartridge (23 years ago), I put the Ortofon cartridge that came with the Dual on a Linn Axis, and got no improvement at all. My friend's Dual with Goldring cartridge easily beat the Linn/Ortofon combo; maybe the Ortofon was just too much of a weak link. I'm hoping to get some improvement with the fancier table/arm on a top-flite cartridge, so i'm asking for the things I should listen for so that I'll know if I hear them or not after the switch. I guess I still have some nagging doubts after the last experience.