Dual speaker system

Has anyone tried a dual speaker system with a pre-amp with two outputs? Mind you, not four speakers playing at the same time, but having a system with two separate amp/speakers combinations for different moods and music—e.g., a SS tied with floor standers and a tube amp with monitors.

I’m trying this now with my monoblock Mc connected to Sonus Faber floor standing speakers and then the alternative is a low fi tube amp paired with some Q Acoustic speakers.

Of course the Mc/SF is much better, but I kinda like having a different sounding system to switch to and I like the idea of having more gear to tinker with!


’best practice’ I said.

some audio shops roll each pair of speakers into a listening room so they are not exciting any others when you hear them.

yours in your space: play with both pairs adjacent as normal, fingers on the cones, any movement? then remove the inactive pair, any perceived difference?

If so, find a solution. If no perceived difference, you got lucky.

@elliottbnewcombjr In my application, the woofers on the Cambridge get excited with the IRS and vice versa but at a much lower level.  I have not found it to add coloring or become obstructing.

@w123ale  One of the reasons I picked Parasound amps was because you can loop them together. They have a set of RCA out on the back.




I guess it's like having a pair of passive radiators in the space.

If you have black paint, and you add some grey paint, it ain't PURE black anymore.