Dueland Alexander Copper Foil PIO Capacitor

Does anyone have any experience using these caps?

How do they sound compared to other cap's you've tried?

Does anyone know what their max operating temperature is as I'd like to try using them in my 845 amplifier?

Thank you.
Why not send an email to Frederik at Duelund ? He should be able to answer all your questions.
Expensive but very smooth & detailed sound. I used them for a speaker passive crossover rebuild. Not sure about using them in an amplifier. They are quite large compared to the conventional round capacitor.
i am currently using a set of these alexander caps in one of my virtue audio m-5001 monos to compare with the reference euro oil caps that are currently in the other mono amp. the only way i could hear a difference was to put my ear up close to each monitor. going back and forth on each monitors i notice there was a slight distortion with the reference euro oil caps. this told me that the alexander caps were much more cleaner and transparent than the reference euro oil caps. the difference was enough for me to order a second set for the other mono amp. in fact, i am currently using reference euro oil caps as bypass caps in my lamm LL2 deluxe and i have order alexander caps to replace these euro caps. The reference euro oil caps are one of the best i have heard but now i am sold on the duelund alexander caps. all the rest of my audio gear consist of duelund vsf caps and i am now convince that the duelund caps are the best on the market. good day!