Duelund Tinned Copper Foil Caps - cheap!

Hi Everyone,

Just found a new line of caps at Parts Connextion, the Duelund Jam:


pcX now has in stock, the newest line of caps from DUELUND - at their lowest price point ever! Premium Copper Foil, Paper-in-Oil designs…with the added improvement of tin-plating on the copper foil electrodes.

• “Tinned” copper foil electrode
• Oil impregnated paper dielectric
• 630VDC rated

0.1uF is $47, relatively cheap! And close to the Audyn prices. I have no idea what they sound like, or if they are any good. I'm not willing to spend $100 right now to find out, but maybe one of you fine people wants to try them?


I own these caps in my preamp 3.3 uf.  They are Excellent by any standard
warm but the Tinned Copper And paper oil  cap exactly the same as Duelunds cast caps ,except  does not have the paper housing which is probably 
5-7% better but up their with the best and Very natural sounding.

one thing to mention just started to use the new .01  Duelund Copper foil  same make up as the jam but in paper  put in speaker Xovers put 2-4 0per speaker 
well worth the effort, they have a Silver in oil too for thetweeter.