DV-50 Owners - a question, please

I have only used my DV-50 for 2 channel audio and have never bothered to connect it to a TV (shudder) to program, etc. But now I want to use it as a transport and connect it to a DAC. Will it default to the Digital coaxial RCA out if this cable is connected and the audio out cables are removed?
I would appreciate any help, as it is nigh impossible to get a human voice to answer technical questions at Esoteric.
I guess if nobody can answer, I can get the Esoteric rep to find out for me.
It's depends. On the menuing system, you can select on or off for digital out. If it's on, you're ok. If not, time to hook up a TV.

Sorry, I don't know the default setting. Maybe someone else can help...
Jfrech is right. You need to set the digital out. If I remember correctly, it was set to "two-channel audio out" when I first programmed it.
You should hook it up to a TV, because your SACD might be set to "5.1 surround"...I think that was the SACD default. You need to change it to 2-CH. You can tell what it's doing on the front panel when it's playing, but the display is small and you might not notice it.
Thanks for your responses. P 37 of the user's manual states under SACD playback : "Default setting is 2 Ch area", which had been my impression. On P 36 under Digital Out it says "Digital Out On (Default)when a component is connected via the Digital Out terminal"
So maybe I wont have to use the TV!
I'll still try to reach a rep before screwing up my great sound by contaminating it with a TV:):)- I'm very superstitious about the marriage of 2 ch audio and all the other paraphernalia that I dont need...........!
I basically bought the DV-50 for its superb redbook and SACD audio - that's all. It'll be a great test to see whether TEAC was smart enough to cater to idiots like me who dont want/are afraid to program the damn unit.
Springbok10 -

Maybe you should get the 14-bit/216mhz video upgrade with DVI output that Esoteric just announced. It 'only' costs $500.00, and doesn't affect the audio section at all.

That way, you can use the programming menus of the unit in P.U.R.E. DIGITAL, HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO GLORY before you disconnect your TV for good !!!!!

- Just kidding -

I just ordered one of the last black DV-50's in the US, and WILL be getting the video upgrade in a few months because I have a combo HT/2-channel system and DO intend to use it for DVD videos as well as audio playback.

....This thing better be as good as everyone says it is....

BTW - There is a 'new' model that just went on sale in the States last week - the DV-50S, which is simply a DV-50 with a silver faceplate and the video upgrade included. It is the exact same price as the $5500 DV-50 WITH the $500 video upgrade - MSRP=$6000.00.