Dylan Mono Vinyl has on both LP side 1 and same Ma

Hi question on a Blonde on Blonde USA C2l 41 Mono 1966,
Labels on both records: say record 1- side 1& flip side 2 ,
Record 2- says side 1 flip side 2

All songs are as they should be just the label isn't side 1-2-3-4
Also dead wax side 1- XLP113763-4F on record 1 and same Matrix on record 2
Side 2- have XLP113763-2E on record 1 and same matrix on record 2 side 2

So strange to have dead wax marix numbers same on both side 1 of record 1 and same matrix numbers of 2nd record which says also says side 1 and and again the same matrix numbers

Columbia Red Label

BOB DYLAN Below on label

is this a typical mistake or could it be a counterfit
I'm looking at my mono original.We're together on Blonde on Blonde on top Bob Dylan below.Columbia Red label.There is no side three or four.Two records with Side One/Two.However on the left side of label (9 o'clock position) is catalog# C2L 41.Below that on first LP is CL2516 on 2nd LP CL2517.On LP1 at the 3 o'clock position : Side One below that XLP113761..Side Two XLP113762.3 o'clock on LP2 Side One above XLP113763,Side two over XLP113764.Hard to think of motivation for counterfeiting mono in 60s.How old does your LP look?
The LP described above is also the earlier 9 photo version.That's on the interior,two photo's (Claudia Cardinale,and female fan with BD )were later removed making 7 photo version.