Dylan - TROUBLE NO MORE BOOTLEG #13 Released Nov 2017

I’m going to pick up one of the box set versions available, or Digi download.
but that is the issue: which one?


not the first time I’ve grappled with this question, but when I am throwing down over $100, 
i though i’d Ask what the other blokes do?

Box Set Options for TROUBLE NO MORE BOOTLEG #13
1.  8 CD + DVD, $120. 16/44
2.  8 CD + DVD + Bonus w 2 CDs, w Live albums from 1979, San Diego, I think, $175, 16/44
3.  4 LP American Release, $100
4.  4 LP European Release, plus 2 CDs, $ 150
5.  Digi Download, at Acoustic Sounds, hires is only 24/44; HAS THE CONTENT OF THE FIRST 8 CDs,
      but only 24/44 hires, $ 125?
6. Digi Download, at HD TRACKS, hires 24/96, also HAS THE CONTENT OF THE FIRST 8 CDs,
     $135 or so


.  i do prefer vinyl, but the 4 LPs wouldn’t cover all the material of 8 CDs. 
.  The SQ of some of the CDs doesn’t look too good, I’m sure due to recording in alive venues, 
i will try to post a pic from the website “loudness wars”, where users assess. Then post SQ results from CDs. See the Link below for ratings. 
.  But CDs are convenient, and LPs are not, can’t play em in the car
.  I prefer the highest Res,  no 24/192 ? I imagine they can make it 24/192, but will release later to max profits. 
.  In the future reference, I hope to transfer my vinyl to cd/digital, so I can listen to higher SQ on the road.

What do the rest of you do? For Any Box Set Options like this?

Not just for this Dylan album, since we now commonly see BOX SETS out now with a variety of formats (cd, Digi, lp, combinations of the above, etc).


I only buy vinyl, if you’re registered with SoundStageDirect, they offer 25% discounts frequently. This should make any decision you make, much less painful. 

Good luck!
Thx @slaw 
i went to Soundstage direct and they are offering the Euro box set 4 LPs + 2 disc set for $100 instead of $150 plus I get the 2 CDs. Plus 20% off. 

I usually buy buy at my local record store, but this was too good to pass up. 

Now I just need to get going on transferring vinyl to digi. That is ideal, since you can transfer as 24/192 digi files, to play hirexon stereo, or even “down-transfer” the 24/192 flies to 16/44 so be able  to put on desk and take with you in the car or whatever 

 That was actually the point of this thread ( or so I tried ) to talk about If and how people transfer files around from vinyl to hires to CD so that they can play them in multiple formats in multiple areas. 

Discussion welcome

I own the (8) CD + (1) DVD deluxe set. One cannot go wrong w/ any of these offerings. Fantastic Dylan history represented here.Happy Listening!
I bought the vinyl w/2CD version on Amazon for $52 awhile back.  I don't know why it was so cheap but I wasn't going to complain.  
It's a great release, though the sound quality on some of the tracks sounds like very good audience recordings rather than crisp soundboards.  
maybe you got a presale deal?!

Although my LP box set is on the way, I will probably pick up a used copy of the CD set, just to hear all the demos and outtakes that are not on the LP.