Dynaudio focus 380 Vs paradigm S8v3? ? HELP

Posted a different thread a little while ago regarding some other speakers (including bookshelfs and realized I want floorstanders. Ive narrowed it down to these two picks now. I listen to a very wide variety of music which consists of acoustics/spanish guitar, rock/metal, some synthesized music, country, blues.. Im not concerned with extreme low end extension as a pair of subs will have that covered, bass tightness, natural focused midrange, sweet airy highs, warm crystal clear sound is what im after with the ability to get to very high output levels is what matters most to me. Electronics will most likely be bryston 4bsst2, bp 26 and bcd1, Or my second choice would be if i find a great deal on classe delta series electronics. Thanks for thoughts, inputs!
I've used Dynaudio speakers with a 4bsst2 and bp26 and it's a fantastic combination. Dynaudio speakers have a smooth delivery and that works very well with the clarity provided by the Bryston gear. This is an excellent match.

I currently own Focus 340s. IMO, dynaudio has taken a step forward with the lates Focus release. In fact, I selected the 340 over the Contour S3.4 even though the contour is the higher line.
awesome. Thank you sir! Are they capable of very high output levels? I have yet to hear the new focus line, but in other reviews of the older contour 3.0 from stereophile, they said they got them to max out/bottom out the woofers pretty quickly. I'm just curious as to if this would be an issue. My father has the paradigm studio 100s and those things crank! I'm sure the dyns blow them out of the water in terms of quality, but i do like to crank it from time to time. Just want to make sure they will deliver (hence the comparison to the s8's
Hard to answer that question since everyone's defintion of loud is different. All I can tell you is that I've had mine cranked way up with no strain, but I'm not one to ever listen at concert levels. I do think there are better choices if you are looking primarily for party speakers, but for normal listening I think the Dyns are very hard to beat. And they will go loud, but other speakers will go louder IMO.
W7, you probably made your purchase decision by now. If so, I hope you are really enjoying your rig.

Don't know squat about the Dynaudio Focus speakers. I'm sure they sound great. I would like to mention however, that the reference in the post above to the Paradigm Studio 100 as the comparison speaker is comparing apples to oranges in terms of speaker class.

The Studio 100s are mid-fi speakers that are no doubt a great value for the price. The Signature 8 v3's are in a completely different class.

To the extent folks have posted comments about the S8s on A'Gon, they either love um' or dislike um'. The S8s have their own unique presentation that is extremely dependent on the amp and room acoustics. Some have said the S8s are too detailed, which I'm not sure is a negative. Others have said the S8s are tipped in the high end. I disagree. Again, amp synergy and room acoustics are extremely important. IMHO FWIW.
Bifwynne - I'm familiar with both Dyn's and the Paradigim Studio 100's. Honestly I never heard the S8's but since you mention some folks say tipped up highs and too detailed - I get the feeling they would be more like the Dyn Sapphires or S25's (do you agree Jax?). Very lively and punchy (and IMO tripped up highs and for me fatiguing after 4-5 hours). Most all other Dyn's are slightly laid back but a sound that never fatigues me.

That being said it sounds like both companies have speakers that vary greatly in tonal characteristics. There will always the group that wants a detailed - forward/lively yet punchy sound (like Jax, and I agree, stated - a party speaker). Then there will the group that wants a more musical speaker. No right or wrong just individual, personal taste.