Dynavector 20XH or top tier MM?

I'm considering the Dynavector to try the MC sound. My phono preamp is 50dB gain, so LOMCs are out.

How does the 20XH compare to the best MM/MI?
I have yet to hear any cartridge which can rival the dyna 20x at it's price point.
I've been listening to a Dynavector 20XH on my Rega P5 for around a year. Although I feel it's a pretty good cartridge I don't wake up to find album covers strewn about my listening room.

Today I ordered a Soundsmith Boheme cartridge. It's priced about the same as the 20XH. Apart from the sound, one advantage I see is that Soundsmith services and rebuilds their cartridges at very reasonable prices.

If you're considering the Dynavector you may also want to consider one of the Soundsmith offerings. I've been hearing and reading good things about them. I talked with the owner today and made my decision to try the Boheme.
I stumbled across this old thread and felt I should update my comments. The Soundsmith cartridge did not prove to be my cup of tea. I returned it for a refund and purchased a Dynavector 20X2L cartridge. The low output Dynavector sounds better than the high output version to me. It's a very nice cartridge.

Presently I'm enjoying the newly released Audio Technica OC9XSL cartridge. It's very very nice and I would recommend it to a friend. Nice price too.
Thanks! It probably sets a new record for a zombie thread coming back to life LOL.