Dynavector PHA-200 Head Amp.

Did anyone use this to amplify the low output MC cartridge? How is it? Any improvements? Does it add noise to the system? Will appreciate any comments.
I used the PHA-100 ( not 200) it in front of my cj prem 15 to drive my dynavector XV-1. It added no noise and was generally an improvement in sound. It works very good for non Dynavector cartridges.
If you are using it in MC stage you need to ensure the phono stage can handle the extra signal. MM is fine.

What is the problem with your current set up?

cheers Shane
Thanks for the post. I have no problem with the current set-up. But I have to turn my CJ-16 all the way up to 75-80 dB in order to get a reasonable sound. That is why I need a head amp to pump the signal up a little bit. I have a SME 20 and Colibri XCP (0.45mV output) runs through the Lamm LP-2 Deluxe. Do you think the Lamm can handle an amplified signal via the PHA-200 head amp?Thanks.
Oanhu. I have the cj-16 and if you are having to go all the way up to 75 for reasonable sound, the Lamm must have very low output and/or your speakers not very efficient. Normally if I have 75 on the vol control the sound is well and truely pumpimg, especially considering the cj has 25db total gain.
I would ask Lamm to see what they think before going that route to ensure the Lamm can handle the added voltage.

I had similar issues that your are having and frankly I got sick of the two boxes (& extra IC's) and while the PH-100 was great for the dynavector output, my helikon was a bit too loud so disconnecting the ph-100 and using just the cj 15 was a bit of a pain for each cartridge.
I now have a pass Xono and that has 3 different gain settings, unlimited impedance loading, very quiet and just as musical.

anyway good luck

cheers Shane

For you to use the Dynavector properly it should be used with a 47K ohm load for the Head-amp. It sould work great on the MM side of your Lamm.
I used one with a Hovland HP-100 and it was a big improvement over their coils.
If you are interested in a PHA-100 Head-amp I can sell you mine as I no longer use it. I have a 47 labs Phonocube now.