Dynavector xx2 mk2 loading sugestions

Hi everyone I recently purchesd a rp8 with a dynavector 20x2 and a used ortofon verto step up. I'm runing it all throwing my Cary slp98 with the and the verto on the 24db of gain. I had a chance to get a used xx2 mk2 with about 600hours on it. I love the sound of the xx2 mk2. But doesn't drive my system like the 20x2.  Espacilly with the bass response. Should a guy buy a step up with 26 db of gain for the xx2. And recommend any sut with that setting with in the$1200 range? Let me know your thoughts.
For about $750 you can buy amazing JLTi phono stage from Australia with high gain and ability to use different load resistors "on the fly".  With this stage you can use whatever load you need for any cartridge (any MC or MM). This is the best way to save your money if you don't want to buy too many suts. 
I don't want a new phono preamp just a sut nothing beets te preamp I have right now! I was thinking of bobs step up devices.
If you're getting the the Bob's Devices SUT, the Sky20 will work well with the20x2L.