E-mail address for Galibier

Can anyone tell me the e-mail address for Galibier Turntables? When I try the one on their website, I keep getting a failed send message. Does anyone have a phone number for them by chance?
Could be that the email in-box is temporarily full. Thom has been out of town recently.
Thanks Doug,

I did that and it seems to have gone through. I will wait for a response.
Hi Slowhand,

I'm back ... and with a bulging inbox, I might add.

I just sent a test message - sending from an alternate e-mail address and using the "Contact" page on my website.

The message arrived. You must have experienced a glitch on the mail server.

Note that folks who try to link to me using the link on the Exemplar Audio website end up passing through some sort of filter on my ISP host, and ussually end up being rejected.

The link from the "Contact" page on my website has been quite dependable however.

For the record, the address to use is:


Thom @ Galibier