E.S.P. (Essential Sound Products) power cables

Looking at E.S.P. current, as in actual, power chord offerings : MusicCord-PRO ES & Essence Reference-II for a tube amp. From what I can deduce from their site and few reviews the 3 times less expensive MusicCord-PRO ES is recommended for power amps and the Essence Reference-II states that it makes digital sound more analog which I would think meaning "warmer¨, so different but maybe not necessarily better for the neutrality I prefer. Has anyone been able to listen and compare THESE 2 in particular ? Thanks to all in advance.

Regarding the ESP Reference 11 power cord. I own 3 of these power cords; 1 connected to my CAT Ultimate preamp, 1 connected to my CAT Legend preamp and 1 connected to my CAT JL2 Signature 2 power amp driving Acoustat 2+2 with medallion upgrades. The Legend pre was upgraded by CAT These power cords are definitely neutral ie they allow the electronics to reproduce the clarity, harmonic body, texture of bass midrange and treble to be reproduced with ease and with no edginess whether cd/sacd or Vinyl my preference. These power cords bring lasting enjoyment of  music reproduction and lasting satisfaction of ownership. Unconditionally recommended Soundbuff

Initially was inclined towards Shunyata having had previously way back the Taipans  but too many iterations & models were confusing and then was directed towards E.S.P. by Ken Stevens @ C.A.T. after sending him my JL5 for upgrades to Limited Edition. Mike Griffin is a great guy to deal with & ending up connecting mostly everything with Essence Reference IIs & the Essence Reference II Distributor. Very satisfied with the results. Everything was just bigger and better.