EAD 7000 digital flywheel?

I have an EAD 7000 but no manual. Does anyone know diffinitively if this dac has the "digital flywheel"? Or where I can read more about its specification? I've done a moderate search, but find surprizingly little about it. This is not a mk2 or 3. Thanks
bad rap? What actually happened was the absolute sound gave the 7000 a excellent review and purchase recommendation then stereophile for some reason gave it a bad review I believe it was just to create controversy which obviously does sell magazines. Anyway stereophile was absolutely flooded with letters from ead owners who were very much in disagreement with their review. The ead 7000 is a very musical sounding digital converter. The absolute sound review was correct stereophile review was not period.

Turns out what I bought was a 7000 MKI upgraded to an MKIII. It has the HDCD badge. I still don't want the gold face plate though. I am sure that this will make it less likely that anyone will trade me.
somebody out there would probably be happy to swap their black face plate for your gold one. I would have about 8 months ago when I had the ead in my video system in a heartbeat. try running a wanted ad they always get results for me.

Here is my next question: Will the 7000 process 5.1 for a DVD through a digital coax cable, or will it only do 2 channel stereo? In other words can I watch a movie where the DSP processes 5.1, or can I only listen to a 2 channel cd?