EAD 7000 digital flywheel?

I have an EAD 7000 but no manual. Does anyone know diffinitively if this dac has the "digital flywheel"? Or where I can read more about its specification? I've done a moderate search, but find surprizingly little about it. This is not a mk2 or 3. Thanks

Turns out what I bought was a 7000 MKI upgraded to an MKIII. It has the HDCD badge. I still don't want the gold face plate though. I am sure that this will make it less likely that anyone will trade me.
somebody out there would probably be happy to swap their black face plate for your gold one. I would have about 8 months ago when I had the ead in my video system in a heartbeat. try running a wanted ad they always get results for me.

Here is my next question: Will the 7000 process 5.1 for a DVD through a digital coax cable, or will it only do 2 channel stereo? In other words can I watch a movie where the DSP processes 5.1, or can I only listen to a 2 channel cd?