EAD ultradisc2000/dsp7000 VS Northstar M192

Does anyone had a chance to compare or own either of this transport/Dac combo
I have been using an Ead t1000 with a dsp 7000 2 series dac. I was quite satisfied until I applied a njoeb tjoeb
4000 in place of the transport. It was really quite amazing. I had no idea how great the dac was and how thin the transport really sounded.I know it's not exactly what you are searching for, but as close as I come. Regards,Dave
I think the comparison will be more a matter of taste than quality, I use a EAD 7000 III y tried it against other DACs, (not the Northstar) and i like the flavor of the EAD better....I agree with Davjohnson, the transport makes more of a change.
Do listen to them and let us know..