EAR 890 and KT120

Any EAR 890 owners tried rolling KT120 in the amp?
Thanks! EAR 890 is one of my favorite tube amps. Maybe Tim de Paravicini will build something with KT120??
Can you use KT 88's in the 890? My dealer stated that the way to is with 6550WC's. What are you all using? Also, does anyone have theirs set up as mono blocks? If yes, any problems?
Sorry for the super late reply! Didn't check back in...I was using a single 890 for about 2 years and then moved to a monoblock configuration when I got my Marten Bird 2 speakers little over a year ago. A single 890 was outstanding, but monoblocks is just like moving from a twin turbo v6 engine to a V12. Utterly effortless. I am super happy with this configuration...dynamics, transient response, richness, superb bass...all TdP hallmarks. Using EI KT90 in both amps.

How do u like your EAR 912 and Zesto Bia 120 configuration?? I've heard the combo before at Bob Levi's home and it was great!
Shaizada, just saw your reply. I love the 912. Perfect with my dual armed VPI Avenger. Been liking the Zesto very much. Had to send it back for a minor "repair" and pulled out the 890. Love that one as well.

Just scored a pair of Tannoy Kingdom Royals. Going to go back to the 890's in mono block. How and with what do you bridge yours?

Are you using type 3 KT90's?

Look forward to your reply.

Yikes! I see I hadn't replied! Sorry Pat :)

Got my EAR 912 not too long ago. Running it with either EAR 890 monoblocks or Concert Fidelity ZL-120V2SE Monoblocks.

I bridge my 890's with Kubala Sosna Elation jumpers. Yes, using Type 3 KT 90's...that is a lot of KT 90's...gets hot!
Bought the EAR 890 to A/B with my Maker Audio NL 14+. Driving the Pureaudioproject V 96db speakers