EAR Acute v. Plinius CD101

Have you compared both of them?? Both of them seem to have an excellent midrange, exceptional voicing, soundstage....
Thanks for any input.
The Acute is an exceptionally musical CDP but its character can be changed somewhat with tube rolling. I have rolled 4 sets of tubes in it so far and each presents a slightly different flavor. Currently waiting on delivery of 1960s Seimens CCa. IMO: A very, very lovely sounding CDP!
Sorry, I have not heard the Plinius.
I have owned the EAR Acute (chrome front with gold knobs) for 6 months or so. It is very musical and has a great soundstage, standard ergonomics, and a remote-controlled analogue volume control. My only negative comment about the EAR is that the remote is plastic and cheap. I have not tried to roll any tubes. There are 3 for sale on Audiogon. I have not heard the Plinius.
Yes, the remote can only be described as "cheesy", especially at this price point but it does work flawlessly. Fortunately, when the music is playing through the Acute you forget the quality of the remote.

I originally purchased the Acute for a second system which I don't think will materialize so at some point it will probably go up for sale on Audiogon. I'm using a Wadia 27i DAC with GNSC Statement mods and a Wadia 270E with GNSC Reference mods.

I prefer the Wadia system over the Acute but not by much. In some areas the Acute beats the Wadias which is quite an achievement when one considers the price difference. I could happily live with the Acute in my main system if I didn't have the Wadias.
If you can, try a pair of Seimens CCa tubes in your Acute, the older the better. They transform this CDP to another level. You'll be happy!