eARC when using Roku

I have a Lyngdorf mp 60 2.1 that is currently connected to a Roku ultra via HDMI for both audio and video.  Is there any advantage connecting The Roku directly to the tv, a LG 2.1 hdmi, via HDMI and running the audio back to the Lyngdorf  from the tv using the eARC HDMI of the LG tv. Since the video from the Roku is not processed and is only passed  through, by the Lyngdorf a direct connection to the tv for video maybe better?   Please advise. Thanks.



Ok thanks for your input. Its seems like there is much guess work when it comes to optimizing the audio.  Much  money is spent for items downstream from the signal ie. ac cords, speaker and interconnects and the issues may be the signal path that is  chosen.   I think I will keep the connection of the Roku to the processor for now based on your experiences.  Do you have any thoughts on the higher end ethernet and HDMI wires?  Thanks for your time.




We're using different devices in different locations. What works best for me, might be different than what works best for you. Your Lyngdorf seems to work as advertised. The only advantage to my set up is independent Roku video and independent audio output. I don't have any thoughts on higher end ethernet wires, and though I don't use them, respected videophiles seem to regularly recommend Wireworld's HDMI cables. 

I've personally found things better running in through the TV and then out via ARC.  But not always.  Your SSP is pretty top level, so I can't imagine their video switching/passthrough isn't done right.  With some setups, I would get more judder running everything through the SSP.  So like the user above said, it should be obvious if you see anything wrong with your current arrangement.  Roku is all loss-less audio anyway, so you have nothing to lose by trying the HDMI directly into the TV.

Ok thanks. The video pass through the Lyngdorf seems to be good with the exception of running the game PC video through the Lyngdorf.  I think that the Nvidia variable refresh rate software of the GPU causes issues with the video pass through of the Lyngdorf.  Otherwise pretty happy with the Lyngdorfs audio is superior to the Mcintosh MX 122 it replaced. I read what Unsound wrote regarding wire world HDMI and just ordered the fiber optic 2.1.  See what happens