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Should I cash in?
I cashed in a over two years ago and sold my UDP-205 for nearly 3x what I paid. I even nodded it with an LPS from OppoMod to great success. Still, it couldn't compete with my then PS Audio DS DAC playing files off my server. And now, with a Lumin ... 
ABX testing with AQ Dragon power cords
@roxy54 lol  
In-Room responce measurement with Legacy Focus SE speakers
@erik_squires I am sure the manufacturer was mistaken and these are in fact, the 32dB gain boards. He's going to send me the correct ones soon. Thanks for your feedback.   
In-Room responce measurement with Legacy Focus SE speakers
@amtprod Here you go.  The chart shows L=R which isn't the best way to do it, but I wanted to show a Class D manufacturer the chart with his amp (green) being much hotter than my Ayre, even though they have the same gain (26dB).  After moving the... 
Cable vs fiber for audio quality
Fiber has lower latency and jitter with all things being equal. But I doubt you'll be able to detect much of a difference in jitter (who knows what the ISP does to the signal before it hits the fiber network leg). Latency is much more likely to be... 
So sad about Netflix sound quality. No one can hear it
Nothing to see here. Move along.   
@calvinj The internet is filled with, not only more ’engineers’ (especially EEs!) than in reality but they’ve also all double-majored in psychology. All the while being rabid conspiracy theorists who believe tens of thousands of people are employe... 
Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)
@audphile1 Inwas on the latest version. Sun-something.lnor other.   
Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)
I had one for 2-3 years and it was meh, ok.  The main issue that I had with it is upper treble extension - or lack thereof it.  PS gently rolls off the highs for some unknown reason and this ended up being what did the unit in for me.  Combo with ... 
You all who may not know the meaning of ’smurf’ should look it up. I mean, they put it right in their user name! 😀 Entertaining seeing an allegedly complete newb to anything hifi related, magically stumbles upon a high end audio forum and then man... 
Is positive reinforcement why things are sounding better?
I have returned far more things than I have kept within my system and over many years. As @ghdprentice posted. You will know when you've made a bad choice on a piece of gear, cable or even tweak.   
No love for Legacy Audio
I always try to chime in to Legacy threads and say the same things.  I've only owned Legacy since I began my hi-fi journey over 25 years ago.  Before that, I had tried a pair of low-end Yamahas, B&W and Wharfedale.  I still own a pair of vinta... 
15k for streamer and much on each?
I went 2:1 DAC to streamer with the same budget.  Could not be happier with the synergy between my Ayre QX-5 Twenty DAC and Lumin U2 streamer.  
Roon vs OS and Native Players - Impact on SQ?
I've compared Lumin's app (and Plex app which is basically a custom shell over top of the Lumin app) to Roon.  I've heard bigger differences in cables, to be honest.  But with Roon+Muse and my Ayre QX-5 Twenty DAC (ESS ES9038PRO chip), it's a no-b... 
In-Room responce measurement with Legacy Focus SE speakers
@amtprod man, it's been a long time since I've messed with REW.  I still have the UMIK-1 around here somewhere though.  Give me a bit of time and I'll try to do some measurements.  My Ayre power amp is away for a 'faulty' fault (blown fuse fault b...