eARC when using Roku

I have a Lyngdorf mp 60 2.1 that is currently connected to a Roku ultra via HDMI for both audio and video.  Is there any advantage connecting The Roku directly to the tv, a LG 2.1 hdmi, via HDMI and running the audio back to the Lyngdorf  from the tv using the eARC HDMI of the LG tv. Since the video from the Roku is not processed and is only passed  through, by the Lyngdorf a direct connection to the tv for video maybe better?   Please advise. Thanks.



Ok thanks. The video pass through the Lyngdorf seems to be good with the exception of running the game PC video through the Lyngdorf.  I think that the Nvidia variable refresh rate software of the GPU causes issues with the video pass through of the Lyngdorf.  Otherwise pretty happy with the Lyngdorfs audio is superior to the Mcintosh MX 122 it replaced. I read what Unsound wrote regarding wire world HDMI and just ordered the fiber optic 2.1.  See what happens

@guyt I also run fiber optic HDMI cables for every gaming system I own (Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5).  Still using copper for my video streamers though.  I already own AQ Carbon and Vodka 48, so may as well keep using them.  But no issues with the fiber optic cables.  And I mean that the Roku is all lossy audio, not loss-less.  Sorry about the typo.

Ok I bought the fiber 2.1 optic HDMI cable from wire world pretty pricey.  The cables I have now, 2.1 Austere, work but the run from the PC GPU to the TV at 4k 120 hrz creates some image flutter, small isolated vibrating lines during game play.    So if the Wireworld HDMI cleans the image problem up I will think about buying more.   As far as Roku/Tidal I am surprised how well it sounds in two channel playback.  This is the first time I used Roku and Tidal after switching amps and processor and the sound quality is superior compared to my old system. The audio improvement may also by attributed to playing uncompressed files.  Anybody have an opinion on ethernet cables?