Earliest serial Garrard 301 Hammertone known?

On January 01, 2011 One of my best friends gave me a Garrard 301 Hammertone #2074. I've collected (and regretfully parted) with a few Garrards over the years, but this one is in excellent condition - and by far the earliest Garrard that I know. Out of personal interest, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen a lower serial number 301 still in use today? Thanks to all, and happy listening!

Bob Cameron

I own #1559 which is an "A" model. Refers to a 120v/60Hz
American model.
Thanks Steve;

No doubt in my mind that table runs in a Dobbins plinth....:-)

The day after I started this thread I found # 618 on Ebay. The eddy current brake disc is almost flat with only one visible indent on the outside rim. It looks like it's made of pot metal instead of aluminum. Same for the magnet assembly. The Ebay ad is still on if you would like to see. Mine has the more common brake disc, and I wonder when Garrard made that change. Do you think we have 1953 models - or as early production ramped up, could they be 1954's? Nice to talk to you again. Take care.


I've got a few and the earliest I have is 1274. You are right. It does look like pot material and even though mine is pristine the finish is not as glossy at all like the beige version. I have many of those. Cheers
I know someone who has one with an even earlier number. I believe it is #501. I'll ask. Maybe he can provide a photo.
I have a 301 with #7053. I suspect it was produced in 1955. The same year I was born. Probably not accurate, but I like to think there is a connection. Had it tuned up by a guy in Indiana. works well, but when I turn it on, a ringing occurs for a second. Anyway, works fine.
I have #2265 which has a flat brake disc, which looks to be made of aluminum...just to add to the confusion ;)
Just saw one sell on epay that was restored by Classic #1522 but the finish was original but the platter was a later strobe cut one not the original. Not a complete original machine that still fetched £1399.90. Wow
Hey Dubemaster;

I noticed you were looking for information on another site for cleaning a hammertone finish. Try Turtle Wax rubbing compound (red) and polishing compound (white). Although the product label claims to remove scratches between finish coats - and it certainly will - you're not trying to do this at all. The intent is to remove the dirt and patina without compromising the lacquer clear coat. Worked very well for me. Takes a lot of patience and a light touch. About two hours time.

Jdolehide, I found an occasional ringing with one of my 301's as well. When the unit is switched to "on" the idler wheel engages the pulley, and torque from the motor is instantly absorbed by the motor's three point spring suspension. This causes the eddy current disc to tilt on the same axis as the driveshaft and the disc strikes the eddy current magnet. If I turn it on slowly the noise is eliminated but nevertheless, it does indicate that the motor springs are weakening.

Nice to see you all "keeping the faith" with the Garrards. Never to be deterred - although some would call us crazy.