Eazy 101 giveaway tabletop radio circa 1986

Sorry about the cross post, i posted this at AA, too.
I saw a strange tabletop radio at a diner this morning and took a mental note of it... it was a medium sized (as far as tabletop radios go) mono unit and said "relax with eazy 101" on it.

I didn't think much of it. i left the diner and went to a thrift store and wouldn't you know it, there was one of these radios. i did a little research to see what i could find. In 1986, WEAZ of Philadelphia ran a unique promotion. They spent $1 million and gave away 9000 free tabletop radios to offices and stores, which were built to only tune in 101.1. Dan Lerner, the owner of rival WKSZ, went on the air at his station and offered a toll-free number to call for free intructions and a "key" to enable listeners to re-tune the radios to any other FM station.

anyway, the radio was quite heavy with about a 6" driver. i plugged it in at the thrift store but i guess eazy 101 was out of range because i got nothing but static. it said made in korea on the back, but no manufacturer.

does anyone know anything more about these radios? who made them, if they're any good, or how to unlock it to tune it to any station?
Sorry, no info, but you may want to look at the resurrected KLH-1 mono table radio that sells for $100. Good selectivity in high-interference areas.