Eben loudspeakers

Has anyone heard an Eben loudspeaker? I have been offered a decent price on a pair of xs and will be demoing in due course but I would be interested to hearing opinions on this brand before I do. Thanks.
I was very impressed with them. I know at least one highly respected high end cable manufacturer who bought Ebens for his own system.

Yes, I heard Ebens in the Purist room (there I gave it away!) at CES 2005. In fact I thought that's what they were demoing, they sounded SO terrific! I'm a stat person, but there are now three "boxes" I could live with if necessary:

The big Avalon, Watt/Puppy 7,8 (what-EVER!), and the Eben. Although the Eben, at least the two biggest ones, can't be called boxes -- they're really columns like the big Dynaudios.

My $0.02 ;--)
Thanks guys. How would describe their sound? Any particular strengths? I'm considering the X-2s.
I'm a clean-freak, which is why I'm addicted to stats. But these speakers had an effortless presentation and authority that I'd only heard with the big Soundlabs and also a Keith Johnson-modified pair of Avalons at the Spectral room at CES 2004.

The model I heard at CES 2005 was the X-3. You can see all their products at:


Nsgarsh,my man!!You should hear a properly driven Avalon Ascent.I know of a fellow,who sold off a pair for Genesis 200's(not stat,but stat-like,big time)and was amazed at the similarity.At volume too!
Of course I'm prejudiced,but MAN are these things good(sealed enclosure,load never falling below 5.5 ohms,seperate massive crossover at 55lbs each,and 175 lbs per side plus crossovers).Inner detail that will shock the most jaded "latest-stuff" fan,and a fabulous timbre too boot.Oh,I forgot....Without a doubt,the best stage I have ever heard.The Kharma crowd(who love the way those fine speakers stage)are ususlly on the floor,when they get a glimpse of Ascent staging.I use a big REL to suplement the lowest octave(flawless integration)as The Ascents are about nine feet out,for their hologram....I mean HOLOGRAM!!
To me,an "heirloom" in their irridescent Tropical Olivewood,and you will never see my pair up for sale.BTW,the Exact Power Ultra-Pure/EP-15A(I got the tip from a post of yours,and know Doug D.likes his EP-15a,so what can be bad)is almost a mandatory combo,for me to state the above.Always open to learning,and there is SO much to still glean,about "true correct set-up"!
This I just found out,as even with dedicated lines,my system demands this level of A/C purity.But OYE VEY,does it sound "silly good"!!The slight dryness,I used to think was my arm/cartridge has turned out to be the actual A/C DRECK,and I had PS-Audio UO's,which were not enough,obviously.
Looks like the Orpheus is going to have to wait until next summer,as my thoughts on the Temper-V has been dramatically enhanced(my Temper-V only has 250 hrs,thankfully)as I have used my cartridge fund to get the EP-15A/Ultra Pure combo.This turns out(for me)to be the best thing I can do for my particular system,at the present,and I have my "nay-sayer" friends in a tailspin,as BOY has this woken up my stuff!!
Sorry for the rant,and not staying on topic,but thought you'd like a little info.