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Wadia 581 vs EMM CDSA SE
Haven't heard the EMM or 581 (though I've owned a few Wadias) but the 77 in my system was very impressive. Lovely, fluid sound. 
Eben loudspeakers
Thanks guys. How would describe their sound? Any particular strengths? I'm considering the X-2s. 
When will Wadia 581 be available
Has the 581 shipped yet? 
Audio Aeros
Thanks guys, that clears it up. Confusing though, eh. 
Bel Canto 2i Gen II
Thanks. Found it. 
Tubes for Manley Stingray
Loving the Stingray Kck. Sounds good, looks fantastic. Got it for steal as well. Will look into the JJs. Thanks! 
Stillpoint Component Stand
do they have a website? 
Stillpoint Component Stand
thanks duane. have you tried the component stand between speakers and a carpeted floor? wondering whether a carpet could cause some problems. 
Eastern Electric/Manley
thanks everyone. will have a look at the manley and prima lunas. 
Eastern Electric/Manley
"It's origins are suspect" Why?What does an St70 sound like?Could someone describe the sound of a 520?Thanks. 
Meadowlark K2s
Thanks guys. Re: the Audio Points, where can I source a set, and was the improvement in sound marked or subtle? 
thanks guys. seems like one to put on the short list! 
Wadia 16/16i
thanks dennis. steve has indeed been an invaluable source of information. 
Stillpoints vs Symposium Rollerballs
jes45, yes...hence the original question (which was never about 'best' or one size fits all; it was more an exercise in learning about other people's experiences).the responses have been very interesting. i have learned quite a lot. many thanks to... 
Stillpoints vs Symposium Rollerballs
hiyes, of course, i would never buy anything without auditioning (especially at these prices) but i am always interested in other 'phile's experiences. it's one of the reasons i read audiogon. so, if anyone would like to share, i'd certainly be gr...