eggleston andra II efficiency?

My system consists of Thor 150 Watt monblock tubed amps,
with Thor line stage, phone stage and Thor Dac with a Cary 306/200 used as a transport. In my search to replace my Quad 988's I was told about the Eggleston Andra II. The only concern I have is do the Andras need more power than my amps can deliver? I know my amps can drive them, but will they sound better with more power to the extent that I should look for another speaker. By the way, the Thor's are staying and am looking for a speaker to work with them.
Has anybody heard these speakers with an amp on my power level or less. I would appreciate any comments. My theroy is that I would like to drive a speaker with power to spare. I have noticed that speakers sound better when driving them close to the manufacturers recommended maximums.
I have heard Wilson Sophia's, which I thought sounded great. They are a pretty easy load and one your Thor's should be very happy with. Although I have never heard them, Merlin speakers have a very loyal following and are pretty efficient too. BTW, what are you looking for that your Quads don't do?

Hope this helps

I heard the Andra-II in an extended demo. the two amps on hand were Pass Labs XA-160, which is in the same power class as yours, and the Lamm ML-2.1, which is much lower power.
In a medium size room and without trying the 1812 Overture, I much prefered the Lamm. The power is sufficient and the only sore point was the lacking bass control of these tube amps.
The point is very simple. You better listen to the Thor/Andra combo before commiting to buying them. Power is most likely a secondary issue.