Eichmann Silver bullet plugs VS WBT Nextgen

I have Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs terminating my tonearm phono cable.Just wondering if any of you guys may feel there is an advantage to replacing these with the new WBT Nextgens,that I'm hearing so much about!

Thanks in advance!
Other than construction, obsolutely not as the silver plugs are very nice sounding.
The WBT is better in focus and also in depth. And it gives a little more resolution.
The Eichmann plugs are outstanding. They may not be the audio jewlery of other plugs but their design and conductor material is outstanding.
Bent Audio uses them on their $850 step-ups. The reason is because they feel they are best suited for the job.
They may cost a lot less but their performance is top notch. Don't let the price fool you. (Just as the Superior electric binding posts at 5 bucks sound better than most expensive posts.)
Leonx, I am curious if it is the silver or original copper bullet plug that you compared to the WBT's.