ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G problems

I bought an ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G in January used so it is out of warranty.  I had numerous dropout and disconnect issues which have resolved now.  I have the occasional dropout still which is annoying but not impossible to live with.  The unit never sounded very good and I wonder if that is the case with all of them.  Now my analog outs, which sounded better than optical or RCA digital to DAC, are just sending static noise with the music buried in the static.  Wonder if anyone else has had these problems.  I know connection problems are somewhat common but the unit is now unusable.  Thanks,Conrad
I think you have a bad unit. I bought a new Elac Discovery Server in February and have had no issues. I've only had one dropout which required me to reboot the Elac, but it was caused by my router having issues. I've been very impressed with the sound quality and the built in Roon Essentials. I subscribed to Tidal and have ripped many CDs.  Best purchase I've made in years. I have it connected to a vintage Adcom system with Omega speakers. Sounds great.  Love the internet radio too.  Maybe you can get it serviced by Elac?  
Thanks for your response.  I have been back and forth with ELAC.  I think you are right.  I should send it in to get evaluated and probably replaced.  Listening now and the sound is compressed and dull.  Glad you like yours.