Electra Glide Interconnect

Has anyone had experience with Electra Glide cable? I tried their interconnect today and it left my Quarttro Fil in the dust. Aural hallucinations,or did I hear what I thought I heard?
I am currently using electraglide interconnects with my digital front end and they are fast and accurate with excellent bass slam.Try the speaker cables, more of the same.They sound very close to the Omega Mikro, which are great,but without the set-up hassles of not touching anything!
I have put them up against SPM Reference(before Quattro Fil was around), Nirvana, Transparent and JPS--all worthy cables. All got trounced by the EG. Ultra detailed, fast and neutral. A keeper.
the problem with electra glide interconnects is that the are not designed to be taken in and out of systems the way many of do. the must be handled with care (more that most intercons) i replaced the cheap rca's and i mean cheap, with moonglo rca's from nordost. the first time i listened to them i thought i had errored, however after a brief break in period they are now some of the most enjoyable intercons i have ever heard, and yes i have heard SPM, Quattro fil, black silk,audio majik, synergestic etc. these guys are good.