Electraglide Epiphany vs. Epiphany X

I am interested in feedback from those who have made a comparison of these 2 cords for front-end use, specifically CD players. Yes, I am aware of all the Electraglide troubles. I currently own the Epiphany and am considering replacement with the X, but won't be able to hear it prior to purchase. I'm concerned about how much and what type of a sonic difference, if any, really exists for my application - in other words, is it worth the "upgrade"?

Equipment includes: APL-modded Denon 3910, VAC Phi 2.0, McCormack DNA-500, Legacy Whisper speakers. Speaker cables- VD Revelation; IC's - VD Revelation Sig and Siltech 110s; PCs - Elrod Statements, VD Revelation, EG Epiphanys. Predominant music - jazz, new age, top 100.

Thanks for your feedback.
I was hoping to read some responses to you question, unfortunately there are none as of yet.
If you have not done so, you can do a search for Epiphany X in the forums; there is a good bit of information. Below is a link that contains some good information if you read all the way through. From that point you could email some members directly.


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