Electrical Sub panel

I am in the beginning stages of completing my new listening room. I was wondering if there were any electrical engineers in the audience that can help me out. I am looking to place a sub panel in the basement and wire from that my electrical plugs and pot lights. So a couple of questions for you,
1. Is there a small sub panel that also does some form of power isolation to ensure my system gets no interference from the rest of my house?
2. If not should I wire low voltage lights on the same panel as the plugs?? would this be best??
Any of your insight would be much appreciated, I am trying to get a nice black background so the power source is important to me.
I'm no EE but "power isolation" to me says transformer. Lots of ways to do this.

Before the panel, feeding it 240V, you could use a 240/480-120/240 shielded transformer in the 5 to 10 KVA range (40A minimum), for example:


After the panel, you could use multiple smaller isolation transformers. For 115V in, Topaz, MGE and Phoenix brands are a popular way to go but can get expensive.

With the lights on the "other" leg of the 240V, no problem.