Electrostatic or Dynamic

Every time I get used to Dynamic,I want Electrostactics,then I get Electrostatics. Before long I long for the Dynamics. Can we be ever be content.
I have dynamic speakers at my house, I have electrostatic speakers at my girlfriends house. I don't have to choose this way but I understand your problem. I don't know what else to say.
This is audiophile neurosis. You can never have it all youhave to pick your 'poison': tube vs solid state, digital vs analog, dynamic vs electostat etc, etc
Todd--Having lived with the Khorus' the way you have, you'll never settle for the bass quality of the Prodigy's. Not even in the same league.
Blondes or brunettes? There is no right answer. I had Martin Logan CLS II with a sub and when it was time to replace decided to shop the dynamics due to my large room size. I was disappointed with what I heard because all the dynamics sounded like- well speakers.
I bought a pair of Prodigy's and have been very happy because I value realism over other things like bass slam (it has enough for my needs). What I give up in pinpoint imaging doesn't bother me as much as what I get in the open, trasparent sound. I'm not interested in debating or converting anyone because you either like blondes or brunettes and you just have to decide for yourself.
The only way is to have two systems - I have the ML Odysseys
which sound so good biamped with the EAR 534 for tops and the Mcintosh 352 low end. My other system is the Eggleston Andras which can really blow the sound out. If not two than something always seems missing. One alternative to sort of bridge the gap are good ribbon speakers like the VMPS FF1's which a friend has - makes me want three systems. Happy listening!