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Best sounding cd in your collection
1. Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter2. Eagles - Hell Freezes Over3. Jude Swift - Music For Your Neighborhood 
which power conditioner unit?
Exact Power is your best bet. 
Does such a player exist?
The Krell 30i and 20il 
Legacy Whisper owners - Steridian problem
Check on a device called the Kosmos by Peavey. Go to the peavey.com site. It will solve the Whispers and steradian problem. You can go to a local music store and maybe borrow one to try it out. 
Martin Logan Owners - Any problems with humidity?
I live in Louisiana where the humidity can reach 100%. My Odysseys always sound great. 
Full Range Speakers for 4000 or Less?
The Hyperion 938 or the Gershman RX 20's. 
I need a quiet tube amp
The Mcintosh 2102. 
Recommendations for a variable out c/d player....
The Shanling 200 in modified form. 
van morrison's best sounding album?
Start with his greatest hit vol I and II. 
Limited budget-spend more money on amp or preamp?
Get the Byston amp and go with an Adcom preamp which can be had for your 150 and gives you a tuner and a phono stage. The Adcom 545 is somewhat bright. 
help narrowing down my list of speakers, $2500
Gershman Acoustic Avant Garde RX 20's. No sub needed - great sound - great looks. Retail for 4300 or so and can be gotten used for your budget. You will not be sorry. 
Equalizers anyone?
Check into a Peavey Kosmos on the Peavey website. I use one and it has done more to improve things than any EQ or other black box. 
Burning CD-Rs from iTunes and Apple Lossless Files
I was using AIFF on the Verbatim now that I think about it. I recently switched to WAV but haven't tried it on the Verbatim that I have left. I will have to check out Photon46's findings. 
Burning CD-Rs from iTunes and Apple Lossless Files
I have been burning from Itunes since they began and have never had the problem you state until now. It only happened when I used the Verbatim brand digital vinyl/CD-R discs. When I went back to the Memorex, TDK and Maxell everything was normal ag... 
What concert or music DVD's are worth having?
Jackson BrowneCS&N Acoustic