Elrod Signature or Statement

From a listening standpoint is one cable that much better than the other. Comparing standard to signature to statement. Why are the prices so varied?
I've run the gamut with Elrod. Each step up is very dramatic. Now - the Statements (I & II) are scary. The soundstage, width & depth, as well as the tonality, give me the 'LIVE' thing in my listening room. The bass has texture not just a deep thump, there is string resonance on guitars and saxophones have a significant timbre, reed/raspiness.
I've been playing around with Siltech Classic G5 IC's and Pure Note Epsilon's (Valhalla's competitor).
Hope some of this gibberish helped.
Just curios if your results match the ETM review of the statements. He indicated that the statement power cords made the ICs used less critical. Can you hear big differences in the Siltech and Pure Note ICs with the statements in your system?
Statement is better, no doublt about it, but is it worth the money is doubtful. I use it in a Naim CDX 2, the difference is subtle, but used in the preamp, a greater leap in sound quality in terms of clarity, musical pace of rhythm(the long shoot of Elrod among the others) and a bigger sound space.
I have used Elrod Statements on my power amps. Great quality, but a total pain to integrate into the system due to their size and inflexibility. I've recently gone back to a pair of Argent Audio Brujo HC for the amps, with extremely good results (i.e. at least as good, and in some respects better). They're also a lot easier to bend around corners.

I have EPS 2 Signatures on my digital boxes amd preamp. I just put a well broken in TG Audio SLVR onto the preamp, and prefer it to the Elrod. The SLVR sounds livelier and cleaner. The Elrod sounded a bit soft in comparison.

So the moral of my story is that you can get too caught up in following a single path. There are power cords out there that may outdo the vaunted Elrods in any given system. I have another pair of TG SLVRs on the way, and that should make for an interesting comparison, both to the Elrods and the Argents.
I just bought a new power amp using 211 tubes, the power cord comes along with the power amp wins over my Elrod sig and Statement, do you believe it.