Embarrassed....Audio furniture help

Well, I swore I'd never let a woman dictate my two channel system but here we are.  Wife and I bought our first new home, I've got a small but adequate second living area for my system.  Problem is, as mentioned, my wife.  Setup will consist of CD player, AppleTV unit and integrated amp.  May add a streamer at some point but we'll cross that bridge later.  I'm using a pair of bookshelves and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Here's the rub....She is demanding an A/V credenza, so speakers sitting on the credenza on either side of the TV.  Of course I'd love a vertical audio stand and be able to use speaker stands but it's too open, too many exposed cables, blah blah, you know the story.  

Question of the day:  can anyone point me in the right direction?  I need minimum 18" depth and all the awful Crate and Barrel stuff she recommends isn't up to my audio standards.  Needs something with doors for a clean look but I still need my IR signal to work.  Because the speakers aren't going on stands, I'd like something at least 20" tall.  A lot of the fashionable stuff is 14-16" tall, putting the tweeters way below ear level in the listening position.  

Any help would be much appreciated.  


Man shaking his head with a borderline resigned look

You mentioned that this little spat is over the décor in the second living space.  What's in the first living space?  Who is dictating how that whole room is being setup?  Colors, furniture, window treatments etc etc.

To negotiate from a position of strength start "demanding" how things will look in the first living space.  Choose wisely and garishly as possible.

Then when she sees you're serious and finds how hurtful "demands" can
be the negotiating begins.  One last thing, in this process do not raise your voice no matter how heated it may become.  You'll see why as this unfolds.

There's a guy on Etsy called Scott Cassin who hand makes beautiful audio cabinets of varying sizes and configurations. He seems to get the solidity an audiophile requires but understands design and craft.
If you have a cabinet built for you, have your designer/builder consider stability/structure, air flow/heat dissipation, cable routing, and the ability to operate your remote controls.  You should also consider whether you are likely to upgrade to a more complex system in the future, thereby needing more room in the cabinet.  Good luck.
I have 2 salamander cabinets.  One of them is 26 yrs old and still as solid as the day I bought it.  Also has rollers which I highly recommend.   Shelves are completely adjustable.   My newer one I bought  I believe it's the 237 model and I also ordered tv bracket which mounts to cabinet for my 85 in tv. Plus rollers.  Loaded up with 3 amps and it moves effortly with rollers. Highly recommend.   I believe I got the 237 on sale for 1350 and the 8 rollers where just over 100.  Wife was deciding factor.  Good luck.