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Do I need a subwoofer?
When I took the journey into the sub world I kept hearing 2 are better than one and 4 are better than 2.  I'm very pleased that I heard it over and over.  I asked many about subs but unfortunately many viewers and no answers.  Thank you millercarb... 
Do I need a subwoofer?
I have 2 sb3000.  Very happy with them.  Ht they do a fantastic job.  Looking to add another one soon.  They sound great with music, but I am 95 percent ht.  Listened to rel t9/I and jl.  Decided on svs.  Sb3000 had great reviews so I jumped in, n... 
Something Millercarbon has preached Be A Better Listener. Do not get mired in data.
Still trying to figure out if this site is hate or audio.  I can see why postings are low. When I do post I appreciate the help.    
Which Subwoofer
I've read alot about psa and definitely considering them.   
Overhead speakers for Atmos 5.1.2 system
How is that quite rock?  Is it worth the money.  I looked onto years ago, I think it was 70 bucks a sheet back then.  I ended up doing 2 studed walls with insulation in both with 1 in air gap.  Works good.   
video connect
Roku ultra, latest model which I believe is 2020.  Make sure u don't get the 2019 mod..   
What happened to the "What do you consider Rap and Hip Hop masterpieces?" thread?
Okay I will start.  It's almost like taboo.Theweeknd,  when I listen I probably play a few songs over and over. Tones and I I need to look at my tidal list, but I have quite a few. Past year or 2 I've gotten into it.  Some from the pastSalt and pe... 
Streaming Atmos on Netflix vs BluRay
I have no issues with streaming.   I stream everything and find it excellent.  Maybe it's my processor.   I also have some blue ray atmos disk (sony 700 blue ray player).  There probably is a difference but I feel my streaming experience is excell... 
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
Dtx, I heard the new khorns.  They are fantastic.  I am actually thinking of possibly re doing my HT room in klipsch.   
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
Dtx I am not into the whole audiophile magic.  All I can tell you is as you step up it definitely gets better.  I have listened to low grade systems and all in one setups.  I am lucky I have nice speakers and I'm running 7.2.4 setup.  I had the 72... 
New Anthem AVM 70 and MRX 740 difference in processing
I owned both 720 and 60.  Had 720 for 6 months, then the 60.  I kept the 60.  Just worked better for me.  Also I have balanced amps.  I believe there is a difference.  Good luck. 👍 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
I have 2 salamander cabinets.  One of them is 26 yrs old and still as solid as the day I bought it.  Also has rollers which I highly recommend.   Shelves are completely adjustable.   My newer one I bought  I believe it's the 237 model and I also o... 
Need speaker advice
New klipsch are not bright.  I recently heard them and I've never been a klipsch fan but now I would really love to own a pair.  Every easy to drive.  I think I heard them on a 12 watt tube.  Good luck.  
Dedicated Music Room Recessed Lighting (High Hats)?
I have 10 4 inch recess.  No buzzing or rattling.  2 dimmer switches so I can have front lights or rare on and dimmed when watching movies.   I have 2 subs.  7.2.4 and no noise from the cans.  Use good switches and bulbs, should not have a problem.   
Has anyone heard the Lexicon MC-10 processor and can they describe its characteristics.
Has anyone demoed the mc-10 yet?