Eminent Technology LFT-VIIa

Is anyone using a pair of the ET LFT-VIIIa's stacked?

If so, please share your opinion and, if possible, compare
the ET's stacked against a single pair in a L&R configuration?

Quite awhile ago a reviewer had a pair stacked and he basically
raved, I was more interested in hearing from someone using
them in a home.

Thank You
Contacted you privately about this, Sedona, but for benefit of A.gon community...I'm going for it. bought my second set of LFT-8's today. Will "stack" them or run them in twin pair configuration.
I saw the same article, and it happens to make me take notice when a reviewer suggests that a pair of $1,600 speakers can approach the sonic experience of a pair costing $60k.
One pair of my LFT's is older and other pair is brand new. I'm going to power them both with four channels of Outlaw Audio 755 (200wpc). Front end is Rega Planet 2000 running into Audio Research LS-9 (ss). This will result in slight sound degradation from the current passive biamped config. I'm now using. But, can't afford another muli-amp, set of cables and changing/adding another preamp right now.

The pairs will be tight against the walls of my HT, but supposedly this is not such a big issue with these speakers. One pair will be slightly higher than other, since they will use Sound Anchor stands. The offset of the pairs may be good, possibly opening up sound stage a bit. Or, it may muddy it. We'll see.
Either way, we're going to have some SERIOUS fun! I'll try to post pics when I get it up and running.
Did it; set up the 'stacked' or twin pair LFT-8A configuration in my system! I a word, wondrous!
I give more thorough review in my notes on my Virtual system. I saw on Audioreview that another individual had tried this; he suggested the stacked LFT-8's would outperform the Magnepan 3.6's. That would not surprise me.
Are you inverting one and placing it on top of the other (the old Advent method)?
Nealhood, No, there's no inverting these puppies. You'll see why instantly if you glance at a picture of them. They have large bass modules at the bottom, and the planar portion of the speaker is a panel which rises from the bass module. They would never stand iverted. As to possibly inverting the panel, there would be no advantage to it. I believe you'd get the identical sound either way, and it would be a major pain to get it to assemble that way - basically, you'd have to re-engineer the panel.
The pairs are simply stood side by side. It is, imho, important that the tweeter units be together on the inside and the midrange drivers be on the outside of each pair. So, each set of speakers L or R would have drivers horizontally as follows: Mid Tweet Tweet Mid Someone suggested it would be similar to a gigantic "uni Q" driver made by KEF.
I know one thing, it sounds terrific, fabulously detailed and rich, far more so than can be achieved with only one pair of LFT's. Seems odd that doubling the speakers should do this (of course, there's far more than just doubling the speakers - I also had to add twice the interconnects, speaker cables, main outs from preamp which meant a different pre, and channels of amplification).
However, one of the best speaker systems I have ever heard, bar none, was the $70,000 Linn setup at Glen Poors in Chicago. It was driven by I believe 21 channels of amplification. Three amps for each speaker in 7.1 surround. I think the sub was self-powered. Whoa. That was amazing. It seems the multiplication of amps also contributes to the major difference in perception of the sound. I know one thing, with additional amps, the sense of power in the music soars!
I can't conceive of another speaker system for the cost with anywhere near the impact, awesomeness and breathtaking beauty of the "stacked" LFT's. To think that one can find these speakers well under $1k per pair used on Agon, as I did, and put together such remarkable mains is euphoric!
I have been running a stacked pair for about a month now. I love the big meaty sound of this setup. I was listening to "Rhapsody in Blue" the other night and the room seemed to just disappear. I was enthralled. If you can find two pair used I highly recommend this setup. The most non-fatiguing speakers Ive ever had in my house. Deep bass, lightening fast mids and highs,just exquisite speakers. Get them.
I ran the stacked LFT-8's prior to reviewing. If you would like to discuss your utilization of them and the many variables available to you just shoot me an email. :)