Emm Labs CDSA 'X' upgrade

UK distributor mentioned an 'X' upgrade was going to be available soon for $5000 but hasn't got back with details. Anyone know anymore about the upgrade?
Thanks, look forward to hearing more. What I'd really like to hear is whether or not digital inputs can be accomodated as per the XDS. Fingers crossed.
had the upgrade done. put it into my system last night and without warm up WOW!! 3D
Thanks, look forward to hearing more. What I'd really like to hear is whether or not digital inputs can be accomodated as per the XDS. Fingers crossed.

Answer, NO dig inputs. Just a Digital out
I do not see this upgrade mentioned on EMM's website.
Is there any published info on it or would I just have to call them? Is this a new offering or is for a limited time?

Also, Rickron51, does the upgrade add any warmth to the sound?
Thanks in advance.
It isn't on their site. I am a pest and have been emailing every few months asking if they would be offering an upgrade with their newly designed Analog board. I never got a "yes" but did gets hints of an upgrade so I kept on emailing. The mod is moving the clock to the digital pcb and adding a new Analog pcb. What words due I use? My wife heard the difference from the next room. To keep it simple, closer to Vinyl. Less digital, the instruments sound 3D. Huge soundstage. I didn't think my system could sound better but it does.
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OK, thanks for all that! I am always convinced, even though the EMM sound has always had some hiccups, it feels like the best foundation from which to build. EMM always seems to pull the most from a disk, mostly for the better.
Congrats Rickron51 and thanks for sharing. Good to hear there are significant improvements to the sound. Have to say $5k 1/2 the price of a complete player sounds alot for 2 new boards, a bit disappointing the digital inputs couldn't be accommodated would have been the clincher for me. Will have to keep saving for a proper X!
No, the current CDSA-SE is the $11.5K model that has been
around for a few years. This is evidently something new, and
it is not clear how this upgrade compares to the $25K EMM
X model technically (or in any respect). EMM seems to be kind of furtive about it, and they only info that seems to be available is here in this thread.
About 90% of the 25K model. less the Esoteric Drive and the new green power supply. Audibly, I was told 90% by an employee that would know. I can say it does sound "GREAT." I loved the CDSA SE but the X is superior.
I had my CDSA x-upgraded a couple of months ago and
I wrote a quick review of it in the digital reviews section
in case anyone is interested.
Rgs2, I can't find your review. Can you please provide the link? Thanks in advance.
My friend in Hong Kong bought a new CDSA SE 4 weeks ago. It's still labelled as CDSA SE and doesn't have any indication of whether it has the new circuit board or not.

Is it a remaining stock of CDSA SE or is it already installed with the new 'X' board?

Will there be a formal 'CDSA X' soon?

Thanks for your advice in advance.
The X upgrade is not sold with a new CDSA SE I'm
pretty sure.
You need to buy one and then send it to EMM for the upgrade.
The only physical evidence of the upgrade is the removal
of the level switch on the back panel.
Rgs92, Thanks!

I will remind my friend to check the back of his CDSA SE.

So the upgraded X version can't have output level adjustment?

I wonder whether EMM Labs will formally launch a CDSA X since the internal circuit board changes & sonic improvement are not trivial.
My review is here on audiogon:

No, the output level is fixed. I never really understood the purpose of that switch on the CDSA anyway.
Thanks Rgs92, have you compared your CDSA SE with X upgrade to Playback MPS-5 or EMM Labs XDS-1 or TDS1+DAC2?

Even if I install the X upgrade on an used CDSA SE , the total cost will be similar to a Playback MPS-5.

Thanks for your advice in advance!
I had the PD MPS5 for a few months and sold it because the mids and lower mids seemed to lack control on redbook only, where they sounded a little woozy. I did like the tonal signature though, no glare or "digital" glassy upper mids in redbook. I hear the new software or long break in adds more control now (others I spoke to heard exactly what I did), but I have not heard it since I sold it. (SACD had none of the redbook problems and was superb, period.)

New X-upgrade is warmer on redbook with less glare and more depth and very nicely slightly recessed midrange, which I enjoy, and lots of micro imaging detail and rounded sounds with real-sounding boundaries. SACD is a joy with almost all recordings, making me wish everything was SACD. No need to analyze SACD sound on the X'd CDSA, but no digital pain and all is well, no need for analog with SACD, which beats vinyl for me. It's just from memory, but I think there is a smidge more unforced detail and relaxation on the X with SACD, but as I said, the MPS5 is superb on SACD too, and I could be happy with either for HiRez.
Rgs92, I have not done the X upgrade. I have the EMM CDSA SE and had the same problem with glare/shrillness. I eliminated the problem by putting ICs and PCs in series and with careful use of Oyaide plugs and IECs. The glare/shrillness does not come from the EMM. It comes from cables and plugs/IECs.
Well, Sabai, I sure notice that the CDSA (& maybe most high end digital things) are super-sensitive to cables, especially power cables. The trick is to deal with the highs and sweeten them without horribly muddying up the bass. By the way, the X upgrade does produce a warmer sound (with no loss of bass control or detail) on the CDSA.
Hi Rgs92, I have found the same thing -- the CDSA being VERY sensitive to cables. I agree -- power cables -- and ICs as well. As I mentioned, I have not done the X upgrade but I have completely eliminated the harshness in the highs with my cabling. The highs are so much sweeter now. And the bass is much tighter and better defined -- not muddy at all. The improvement in the sound stage was also quite dramatic -- width, depth and height. I really cannot overstate the improvements. They have far exceeded my expectations.