Just wanted to post recommending all EMM owners to make sure they keep up with the software updates. I just had my CDSDse updated and IMHO consider the improvement to be significant.

Comparatively, be it rhythm or timbre/texture of tone has articulation that now makes the outdated CDSDse sound smeared and slow. Frequency extremes both high and low have been extended. The overall tonality hasn't changed in its color, it's just more 'there'. Improvements in both sound-stage width and depth were also immediately apparent.

The differences were not subtle, and if you haven't already, I urge you to take advantage of these free upgrades!

If all goes as planned I will be getting into the new EMM DAC2/TSD1 combo and will do my best to give a comparison to the DAC6se/CDSDse once they fully break-in.

All the best,
Thanks for your info. How does one get these software updates. I am based in Australia.
Hello Ecka,

The software updates can be downloaded using the USB port from the EMM web-site. EMM is very responsive to emails so I suggest contacting the factory or your dealer as you'll need a password.


I'm not certain but I think the latest CDSDse software for sonics was available sometime around the beginning of 2008.

hope this was helpful......


Tom I have the new update.

For minute there I was thinking it was another software upgrade since March of this year.

From my sources, the Emm web site should be changing to allow Emm owners to register components and easily determine via email or list if software upgrade is posted.
Here is the firmware file update:


I updated my EMM player in March of 2008.
HI Lapierre,

I think a register on the EMM web-site is a great idea. It would be such a convenient way to check on the status of the firmware for your particular unit.

Lapierre, I'm really looking forward to receiving the new EMM DAC2-TSD1!
If all goes well it should be here by the end of the week.

Keep in mind that a friend of mine tried to upgrade the CDSA and caused a malfunction. The response from EMM LABS was that upgrading the units stresses a bit the power supply and this can cause a problem. Its an exception but a think to consider.

p.s. I upgraded my CDSA without a problem.
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