EMM Labs DCC2 SE vs. PS Perfectwave DAC w/bridge?

I currently own an EMM Labs DCC2 SE, and I am considering a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC with Bridge. Anyone compared the two? I will be using a Levinson 380S as preamp for now.

Anyone compared the EMM labs with the Perfectwave dac?

Having never heard it, I can’t speak to the Perfectwave, but you are doing your EMM DCC2 SE no favors by hooking it to a Levinson 37 transport. Nothing wrong with the Levinson per se (I used to own one) but having heard the EMM with the CDSD transport... which unlike a regular transport enables the DCC2 to act as the digital system’s master clock... I can assure you that you’ve heard only the "tip of the iceberg" as far as the DCC2’s performance is concerned.