Any Emm LABS DV2 owners who can share what streaming unit they paired with the DV2...Any input will be appreciated...John
I realize they are different products, just attempting to gauge the sonic differences between the units...Without a listen its just guess work...Have you heard both units? The NS1 performs well...I understand the tech. differences, just curious...Expensive hobby, one learns to research all the aspects before buying the cheese...
Couldn't tell you. 

Something to think about is why do you want to try other gear if you think the performance of what you are testing is "wonderful".  The grass is rarely greener in my experience.  
Lalitk, I'm running the DV2 directly to my Classe' CA M600 mono blocks,,,I do not have the REF PRE AMP, I did try using my Classe' Sigma SSP pre amp...Didn't like the veiled sound of that combo...I'm always attempting to improve SQ...Still curious how the N10 compares to the NS1...I can still play Hi Res files, and DSD...I assume you are using USB?


The VC in DV2 is much superior than Sigma SSP.  I wouldn’t use any preamp between DV2 and M600’s. 
As far as NS1 vs N10, I am not in a position to comment since I have no direct experience with NS1. And yes, I am using a USB cable. You can check out my system here, https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8046
Lalitk, that's an impressive presentation! Very cool! One either understands this obsession or not...I know another guy with a N10...He uses AES, he strongly states AES is a better sonic choice...I talked with the owner of Snake River Audio awhile back, he also concurred with AES...Emm Labs is aware of the MQA limitations with NS1 (obviously)...Perhaps an upgrade is in the works? I can still stream 192, its just not MQA...