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McIntosh C52 to C53?
Another vote for separate DAC and leave everything else as is until you’re ready to step up to Aurender N150 or N200. I see DA2 upgrade in C53 as sheer convenience and not a day and night SQ upgrade.   
Stepping into streaming, finally
@knock1  Perhaps you misunderstood my post. I was pointing the fact that Spotify is not CD quality (not even close). Step up to Tidal and enjoy higher resolution.   
Stepping into streaming, finally
“sound quality matching CDs, transported by Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK3” Not to parade on your happiness with Staccato…but if you subscribe to Spotify then you’re in for a big treat if you give a chance to Tidal. Spotify streaming quality is among the w... 
roon sound wasn't as good
“My server for roon was my pc” There has been many debates (mostly from IT pro’s aka naysayers, 1’s and 0’s, IP Protocol and blah blah crowd) that running Roon Core on a separate PC, Laptop or NUC won’t matter. They will be here shortly and tell ... 
Qobuz Playing Games with my bill
I am on yearly plan, never had any issues with billing.  @jeffseight ..dispute the 2nd charge with your credit card company. As much I enjoy Qobuz, their customer support is non-existent.   
DAC vs Music Server
As @ghdprentice pointed out, once you have a good DAC, the differences in streamer performance is easily discernible and appreciable. In my system, the transition from Aurender N20 to N30SA was no brainer.   
Aurender Model Choices
@audphile1 Yup, been there done that! When I had both setup, I was constantly thinking about making it better and that took a big bite off enjoying music. So I sold off my SME15AV TT, Hana Umami Red and EAT phono to focus on digital. And I’m kin... 
Aurender Model Choices
I am able to look up @audphile1 fabulous system! Didn’t know you also spin vinyl😊 I have been contemplating getting back into Vinyl…it would be a considerable investment to surpass my digital…lol!  
Chassis grounding
While I have no direct experience with Altaira, I have tried other grounding methods, both signal and chassis. IME, the effectiveness of a XYX brand and methodology is very system dependent and end user ability to appreciate audible differences. F... 
Aurender Model Choices
@jfrmusic  I am going to forward my dealer info via PM. Please check with him directly on any favorable pricing.   
Aurender Model Choices
@benanders The evidence is in the pudding. Try yourself and you may be in for a pleasant surprise. The $6K (N200) and $12K (N20) are not for everyone…OP asked for opinion between the two and the members with direct experience chimed in. If I ma... 
Aurender Model Choices
Given your current system, N200 is a way to go! You can find used bargains on N200 for under $4K. https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=aurender+n200    
Streaming Curious
With Air Tight ATM-300 amp and DeVore O/96 speakers downstream…Node wouldn’t satisfy your appetite especially if you rely on its internal DAC.  Node is a good starting option to get your feet wet in streaming. Buy a used Node for now and later ste... 
Building your music digital music collection
@saurabhgarg Building a music library makes sense if, 1) you own a large enough collection of rare CD’s that are sourced from analog masters and currently not available on Qobuz/Tidal. I own over 500 such albums, majority of them still not avai... 
Clock vs Streamer advice
@zpatenaude37 As far as Conductor App, stable as ROCK in my system. Unable to maintain connectivity is indicative of unstable WiFi network or perhaps a setting in Conductor app. Have Aurender run a diagnostic check…there is a solution for this!