Emotiva LMC/UMC upgrade - better audio?

Considering upgrading from my very nice Emotiva LMC-1 for better audio: First choice is the UMC-1, another is a lightly-used Carver Sunfire III. Question is, how much better sound will I get?
i use emotiva products and lonnie at emotiva might be a good source of an accurate answer. i recently switched from kimber to murrow audio cables and wires thruout my system and the improvement in sound is incredible. i also added isonode vibration control pods with great results. my opinion would be to look into emotivas erc1 and new cables if you havn,t already. i have the xpa 2 with erc1 and the usp1 with magnepans and velodyne subs. sounds very nice.
Stick with the LMC-1. It was designed and built to be an over achiever. You will need to spend three or four times to get the quality and features included in this pre/amp/processor. plus you get a 50 watt amp and HDMI to boot. Use good quality cables and a good source and clean AC with proper grounding and be happy;)!