Emotiva XPR-5

Hi folks,I've been a member since pretty much the beginning when forums weren't even moderated and an Ad cost $2,after buying McIntosh XR-290s powered by Mc-1201s and controlled by a C-2200 preamp I was actually satisfied ,I lost my ability to navigate the site and need help after taking nearly 15 years off from buying & selling ,I need help in learning how to create a Wanted to Buy ad for an Emotiva XPR-5 which is a beast of an amp ,any moderator or member willing to explain how I would set up a wanted ad would be appreciated.

If it takes me a day or two to respond I want it known up front that I'm not trying to disrespect members time & efforts,now that my wife & I are old people I've had to retire to become my wife's caregiver & she takes up most of my time with the kids having family's of their own ,however,I will get back to you & use your advice in creating a WTB ad/thread .

Thanks guys ,everybody was very good to me years back helping me learn about high end gear & I really really don't want to get back into the mess if eBay ,thanks !

Audiogon really does not support a "wanted to buy" ad.  You are most likely better off posting a WTB ad on usaudiomart or even the Emotiva Lounge (which is emotiva's forum and has an "Emporium" sub-board for buy/sell).
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Crap,Is this something recent with Agon not supporting wanted ads ? Years back there was an entire section of Wanted to Buy ads ,I will however take your advice and get on the Emotiva boards & see if they allow wanted ads ,thanks .