Esoteric Clocks Owners / and cables

A questions to owners of Esoteric clocks and what BNC cables they are using to connect to their players. I am using Nirvana Digital Cables top of their line up - and was wondering do these 75ohm cables make a real sonic difference ??? they are not carrying audio signals ???? Now, I was suprised to hear a difference when a went to a real good power cord on my clock ....but what about these cables ??? Your thoughts on this question and also what brands you are using and why. Many thanks.
Hello Garebear - I pondered the same question when I purchased my G-0Rb clock a year ago. I considered the Acrolink product but ultimately did not want to spend that kind of coin on a digital cable. I spoke directly with a company technician who said the supplied 75-ohm BNC cables were "starter" quality, and encouraged better, but stated one did not have to spend tons of money to get good performing cables for this particular application. I purchased 75-ohm BNC cables from Silnote at a reasonable price and I continue to use it to this day. Did I perform a comparison between different manufacturer digital 75-ohm BNC cables? No. Am I completely satisfied with what I have? Yes. Maybe there is a difference...I don't really know...but I am not going to spend my valuable time and money to research matters any more than I did.
Hi, I don't have Esoteric gear (used to have a dv-50s), but do have a separate clock with my dCS Scarlatti set up. I have tried 3 clock cables. Stock, Cardas Lightning 15, and Purist Audio Designs Proteus Provectus Praesto. All bnc to bnc.

The differences are clearly audible. As you step up, it seems to let your clock to more of what it's already doing along the lines of focus, definition, presentation of information.

To me, it's worth the money here!
I use the Oyaide DB-510 BNC-BNC to great effect. IMO, clock cables are not as important as normal digital cables connecting transport to Dac so long they are half decent. I have how ever compared the Oyaide pure silver to a pure Furukawa PCOCC copper and found the pure silver gave a slightly better focus and timing.

Hope this helps.
......thank you all for your responses as it seems like we are approaching it the same way. I have a whole system of PAD 20th Anniversary's....Canorus, so Jfreech how was the Purist Audio Provectus Preasto that is what the Cable Company recommended as well as Jim Aud - that it could, could be step up form The Nirvana. Really all of the cables everyone has mentioned are good. Let me know Jfrech
on a scale of 1 -10...stock cables being 1. Cardas being 2 or 3. Purist Proteus Provectus Praesto being like 8 or 9. It was significantly better than the other two.

It also seems to breakin...but not as dramatic as signal cables.

Since you're all wired with Purist already...I think you have to go this path. I've also asked Purist if they can build a Proteus Provectus Firewire for my dCS Scarlatti...I bet that's another crucial cable...maybe if some else asks ;-)