Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
I agree that Esoteric customer service is terrible. I own the K-01. I had issues and they would not even reply to my email! Great products but in the US their team needs to be replaced!
......I had the very same issues ! Prior to the Gibson buyout....the customer service was excellent and the reason I went on to buy a whole system of Esoteric.....I hope somebody from Esoteric is reading this and does something as I am not happy.
It seems like I was right about Anthony Perotta, I met n dealt with him years ago....he should have stepped up from the start n took care of you...sometimes 2 save a few bucks we buy off of anybody n then it comes back 2 haunt us...a good dealer would have taken care of the problem period because he cares n wants his customers happy n back...then there is the rest of them...
Hello Henry .....thank you for the follow up. I have worked with Anthony for about 8 years now and has always been up front and honest with me. 95% of my system has been purchased form him..... I was not happy .....but Anthony was working with what he had and If you follow my emails , I am / was upset more with Esoteric. Anthony backed me up and insisted that the K-03X was defective and for me to get a new one. It was Esoteric that was dragging their feet and as member Bill-k noted, Esoteric is a huge corporation and it takes a lot of red tape to get things done....and most always it is the customer who is put on the back burner. No...Anthony did everything that he could do for me as a dealer. All in all took about 6 weeks to resolve the issue and a lot of email messages....
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