Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
Uhrn... Before stomping of feet, shredding of clothing and the likes, I recommend calling tech support.

BTW, I have seen on rare occasion my own X-01 developing a case of locked jaw... Turning the machine off, disconnecting it from the AC and reconnecting it, and then performing a hardware reset cured the tantrum...

What does the K-03 manual say about locked jaw syndrome?

"08-10-15: Guidocorona
Uhrn... Before stomping of feet, shredding of clothing and the likes, I recommend calling tech support."

Its not about that. Although, I did make the assumption that the OP tried resetting the unit. Regardless, the dealer is the proper contact for this problem. Tech support can always be called. What we don't know is the dealers policy. If there's a return policy, the OP may need to use it and may only be available for a short period of time. If the OP doesn't let the dealer handle it, and the problem goes away for a while and returns, the first thing the dealer is going to say is "Why didn't you tell me there was a problem?". And they would be right. This is info the dealer needs to have. If they don't do the right thing, then call Teac and let them get involved. the last year and half I have purchased an Esoteric A-03 amp, the C-03 pre-amp and the G-03 X clock ....I am NOT paying for any shipping ! It is week old with only 14 hours on it ......I want a new one !
...getting totally screwed over by Esoteric on this sitaution. What BS ....and I have all Esoteric equipment. The customer service is pathetic ...and I have to pay for shipping back to the dealer !!! What BS !!!! I will never buy anything else from them ....