ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll

I have Auditioned the Esoteric Grandioso K1 on several occasions and I cant seem to find anything that comes close. My thoughts where to replace my BHK Preamp and Directream Dac for the Esoteric N-01 Network Player Dac since it is the same Dac as the Grandioso's minus the Super Audio CD Player. My thoughts is to go with the Esoteric N-01 XLR out to my Audio Research 160S direct and use it as a digital Preamp only out to my Focal #2’s.
Anyone get in an N-01XD yet?

As an N-01 owner, I’m curious about the sonic differences between the two.
i bough the K1 back in 2018 and at the same time I also compared the N-01. 
K1 was a better sounding machine when Listing to CD. The dynamic was better, more powerful in sounding. I found N-01 was a bit too cold and narrow in sound, so I bought K1.

last week, I went to my dealer and borrowed the N-01XD, after listening to the new N-01Xd, I was very surprised with the details, better base, the sonic was fully occupying my listening room! It was a big step up! I could not believe there were still have so much room for improvement with this new FPGA DAC ! 
2 days ago, I traded in my K1 and now the N-01XD is seating in my listing room! 
I will suggest to go pass the N-01, get the N-01XD! Roon ready, MQA compatible! Upgradable FPGA DAC, 64bit architecture, you would not regret! 
blacklouis514 - 

I already had an N-01 so was interested in the difference in sound quality with the new N-0 XD.  I originally got the N-01 as it was a better DAC compared to my K-01X and supported TIDAL MQA which my K-01X did not.

 I've  since heard the new FPGA DAC is really good and a big step up from the N-01 DAC    

 Do you still spin discs and if so, are you using a transport in to your N-01XD?  
cut the long story short, I don’t use spin disc now. 
I have tried since use my MacBook to convert my cd in to network server, I use synology to become my roon server. 
With the power and the FPGA chip on a N-01 XD, I can hear more details from this beautiful player then my K1 a year ago. K1 was good, but when I didn’t enjoy the music after 30 mins seating in my music room. But with N-01Xd, it’s a big step up. The sonic in the room, the airing of the music, it’s so so different. I can first time to feel the singer is breathing! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hear singer breathing when I use my K1, but with N01-XD, is really BREATH!! The finish of each note, sound or instrument is more smooth and properly FINISHED! 

 I have dynaudio evidence speaker, MARK L No.32, and a MARK L power amp. Siltec speaker cables