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Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
After speaking with Soundsmith, it doesnt matter what CA put on my GF, as CA won't make it available to any other third parties for repair.   Soundsmith designed their own Boron cantilever to match as closely as possible to CA and other top end B... 
ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll
blacklouis514 - I already had an N-01 so was interested in the difference in sound quality with the new N-0 XD.  I originally got the N-01 as it was a better DAC compared to my K-01X and supported TIDAL MQA which my K-01X did not. I've  since hear... 
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
thanks solypsa.   Wasnt aware there were different Stylus versions on the GFS.My GFS was bought new in 2016.  Was the Gyger S in production then?I will ask CA if you don't know.  
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
Does anyone know if the Boron Stylus used by Needle Clinic and the Soundsmith are the same as the OEM Boron  /Stylus of a ClearAudio Goldfinger Statement? 
ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll
Anyone get in an N-01XD yet? As an N-01 owner, I’m curious about the sonic differences between the two. 
what is the difference between the different versions of the Audiopax88 amps?
the various versions of the 88s are not upgradeable as they are all significant redesigns.    
Favorite 845 tube monoblocks
Conrad Johnson Gat Preamp - Nagra VPA 845 Monoblocks driving Avant Garde Duo Mezzo Horn speakers. Kubala Elation cables 
Anthem A5 enough to drive B&W 804D3 fronts and HTM1D3 Center?
I also have the Triton and Typhon combo in my tube horn set up.  I upgraded my outlets to porter ports which made also made a difference. While the Triton/Typhon are great for  lowering noise floor and removing grunge, it won't fix noise generated... 
Tonearms: Ripoff?
definitely a Troll thread.  OP doesn't understand law of diminishing returns, low volume artisanal products, or much else about the top end of analogue products.    
What separate tube phono stage do you use ?
Zesto Tessera 
Brass Queen
If not an Oppo 205 then what?
riia_awardIn several communications I had with Oppo since I got on the list in Feb, they never told me I would or wouldn't get a unit or that they were overbooked.   They simply said they would begin notifying people in the order they applied when... 
If not an Oppo 205 then what?
yep. For those that  signed up in May for the encore run, they are being contacted to pay for and get their 205s.  Just did it today and mine is now shipping tomorrow for arrival on 9-14. 
Oppo UD 205
After production ended in Feb, Oppo had a sign up back  period back in May for an encore production run to be delivered late summer early fall.I signed up for the encore run and just got notified today that i could order and pay for a 205.   I did... 
Compare the Oppo 205 to the 105D sonically
i have both and the 205 is  much better than the 103 d and  somewhat  better than my 105D.I don't have 4K TV yet, but I run my 6TB USB drive with hi rez music thru it in my HT setup, and it was  better sounding and  less digital than the 105 D wit...